The Colossus Series will run from June 6 to June 16.

We are excited to announce our BRAND NEW “Colossus” series which will debut in June this year. Off the back of the incredible Colossus event during Sydney Millions last year, we’ve decided to give it its OWN series:)

In an ALL NEW schedule, we have 3 headline; multi day events with MASSIVE guarantees.

– $100,000 GTD Opening event – $400 entry

– $200,000 GTD Behemoth event – $1,500 entry

– $200,000 GTD Colossus event – $600 entry

In addition, we have 11 other events, which includes our namesake “Kings Classic” which happens to fall on the Kings Birthday public holiday, and to celebrate, will have a $25,000 GUARANTEE on it as well.

There will be a whole host of satellites in the leadup, as well as during the series so everyone will have a fantastic opporunity to win into all our headline events.

To download the schedule please click on the below links;

Full structures will be updated on www.kingsroom.com.au/live

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