A queiter than usual Friday Guarantee gave us 24 total entries, meaning we happily topped up the prizepool with almost $1,700.

It was another high quality final table where almost every player ran out of time banks as they were put to the test on many occasions.

It came down to Bryan Liu vs Adam Ratten heads up. With almost identical stacks. The chips went in with Adam holding A9offsuit vs Bryan’s KK. An Ace on the turn sealed the win for Adam, who takes home $3,000 cash + an accumulator ticket for next week’s Kings Champs.

Total Entries : 24

1) Adam Ratten – $3,000 + Accumulator Ticket
2) Bryan Liu – $2,000 + Accumulator Ticket
3) Nicholas Economos – $1200 + Accumulator Ticket
4) Joshua Cunningham – $800 + Accumulator Ticket
5) Vadim Shargorodsky – $500 + Accumulator Ticket

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We return next Monday for our $2000 guarantee then its onto the Kings Champs we go for the weekend.

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