Our Monday Guarantee was smashed again tonight, setting a new record of 48 entries. This is fast becoming the biggest Monday night game around.

It was the king’s power couple of Jin Hongfeng and Zhang Wenjin who came and conquered tonight.

With Zhang cashing and Jin doing an icm chop with Bryan Liu, the couple proved again they can and will win anywhere they go.

There was a straight flush tonight but no badbeat as it jackpots to $5,750 for next week.

Total Entries : 48

1) Jin Hongfeng – *$1,270 + Accumulator Ticket

2) Bryan Liu – *$1,130 + Accumulator Ticket

3) Santosh Govindrulu – $500 + Accumulator Ticket

4) Wenjin Zhang – $350

5) Titus Tay – $200

*Denotes Icm deal made

** $96 retained for Badbeat Jackpot ($5,654 + $96 = $5,750)

Our weeklies will return next week as we host the Kings Champs this Thursday – Sunday.

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