Entries : 24

1) CJ Tegshsaikhan – $2500 entry into Super High Roller
2) Jalil Mekouane – $2500 entry into Super High Roller
3) Jacob Tomic – $1000 Cash

It was an eventful evening at our Friday Satellite tournament. Congratulations to CJ tegshsaikhan and Jalil Mekouane who won entry in contrasting fashion. CJ as the overwhelming chip leader and Jalil came back from 3bbs when it got down to 3 handed.

Jacob was the unlucky 3rd. He came into the final table as short stack but grinded well to a $1000 cash.

We’ll be doing it all again next week, starting Monday, with our Main Event satellite! Don’t miss this chance to participate for only $90 entry. Join us at 6:30 PM in the Grange Room.

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