Congratulations to our outstanding poker players for their remarkable performance in tonight’s satellite tournament! It was a dominant display by Bryan Liu who held more than 50% of the chips in the end. Shinepayar Ulziibat consistency wins him his 2nd Ticket. Loy Abdo’s aggressiveness and Cameron Chen’s calmness also shined through for the win.

Commendable Effort to Cale Isaacs for coming 5th for the cash prize and thank you for everyone who came to play.

Entries : 41

1) Bryan Liu – $1500 Highroller Entry
2) Shinepayar Ulziibat – $1500 Highroller Entry
3) Cameron Chen – $1500 Highroller Entry
4) Loy Abdo – $1500 Highroller Entry
5) Cale Isaacs – $150 cash

The excitement doesn’t end here! Gear up for another electrifying poker night tomorrow as we host our Super High Roller Satellite! With just a $275 buy-in, you could earn a coveted entry to the $2500 tournament, where the stakes are even higher! We are back to our main room for 6:30pm Start. 930pm late registration.

Kings Room