It was another record breaking night at our Kingsroom weeklies with 40 total entries.

When Stewart Davidson walked into the room tonight. Everyone had a feeling they were playing for second. And that’s exactly what he did. Coming into the final table as short stack, he got an early double up thanks to Aikko Miranda who “had to call”.
After that, there was simply no match for his controlled aggression and run good. Forget Vegas, we have our very own Australian player of the year candidate right here at Kings.

Aikko took home second courtesy of cracking Jim Pizanias’s AA with 35offsuit.

Honourable congratulations goes to Michelle who finally cashed in the Kingsroom taking home a bubble deal and 2x Accumulator tickets. Things can only go up from here.

We return tomorrow night for our $8000 guarantee game. $300 Buy in. 630pm start. Late rego 940pm.

Total Entries : 40

1) Stewart Davidson – $2,600
2) Aikko Miranda – $1,700 + Accumulator Ticket
3) Jim Pizanias – $1,000
4) Sean Corrigan – $600 + Accumulator Ticket
5) Jason Inman – $400
6) Michelle Psarras – *$180 + Accumulator Ticket x 2

* Denotes bubble deal made
** $160 retained for Badbeat Jackpot ($5076 + $160 = $5236)

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