It was a quiet start tonight but a flourish of late entries brought our total to 33.

Nicolas Bonet was a Thursday winner a month ago and tonight he repeated that feat by beating Michelle Psarras heads up. The final hand was all in pre flop with Nicolas’s K8cc vs Michelle’s AJ. The flop came ace high but 2 clubs gave Nicolas’s a flush draw which completed on the turn. Both players walked away with some nice Monday cash and accumulator tickets.

We return on Thursday for out $5,000 guarantee which will be held in a different room due to filming of the High Stakes Heroes Series in the main room. 

Please Stay posted for details.

Total Entries : 33

1) Nicolas Bonet – $1,000 + Accumulator Ticket
2) Michelle Psarras – $600 + Accumulator Ticket
3) Aaron Huang – $350 + Accumulator Ticket
4) Daniel Sommerville – $200
5) Jhu Lin – *$130

*denotes bubble deal made
** $66 added to Badbeat Jackpot – ($5,750 + $66 = $5,816)

Kings Room