There we have it our main event winners!! It was an amazing series, and an amazing main event, there were plenty of event records broken throughout the last 2 weeks, but it was the main that smashed it! $341,260 prizepool, our top 4 agreed on an ICM deal, led by Jason Pritchard, Matt Rolfe, Ali Dahari and Andrew Hay, each taking over $40k, with Jason taking the top deal $54,180 + a SM ticket. 

We like to once again thank all the players who supported us, but most importantly all our staff who worked tirelessly over the last 2 weeks, without them we couldn’t put on such a great show for you guys. 

We look forward to seeing you everyone soon! 

1st: Jason Pritchard $54180 + SM Ticket
2nd: Matt Rolfe $44540 + SM Ticket
3rd: Adi Dahari $42500 + SM Ticket
4th: Andrew Hay $40140 
5th: Anthony McNamara $15800
6th: Andrew Miller $11500
7th: Victor Fong $8800
8th: Kenta Ito $7000
9th: Tae Park $5800
10th: Gary Di Paola $5000
11th: Cameron Chen $4500
12th: Somporn Phosri $4100
13th: Yu Li $3800
14th: Krishna Nimmagadda $3600
15th: Ulf Carlberg $3400
16th: Seyed Nasab $3200
17th: Justin Cavaleri $3100
18th: Lei Yang $3000
19th: Bryan Liu $2900
20th: Adnan Al $2800
21st: Michael Sleiman $2700 
22nd: Marc Seymour $2600
23rd: Ehsan Amiri $2600
24th: Igal Leis $2500
25th: Jarod Cunningham $2400
26th: Loy Abdo $2400
27th: Guangyu Wang $2300
28th: Samuel Dessaix-Porter $2300
29th: Jai Duffy $2200
30th: Darren Floyd $2200
31st: Daniel Embleton $2100
32nd: Phoebe Yan $2100
33rd: Stan Levitin $2100
34th: Pooria Asaadi $2000
35th: Reze Nayyeri $2000
36th: Zhihao Chen $1900
37th: Robert Liu $1900
38th: Jacob Fulop $1900
39th: Libo Wang $1900
40th: Michael Tran $1800
41st: Michael Fraser $1800
42nd: Raymond Longbottom $1800
43rd: Desmond Ho $1800
44th: Luke Camilleri $1700
45th: Timon Prill $1700
46th: Evaldas Stanevicius $1700
47th: Marat Nuriev $1700
48th: Elie Boustany $1600
49th: Stylianos Makariou $1600
50th: Aristea Renfrey $1600
51st: Aaron Huang $1600
52nd: Alex Donn $1600
53rd: Michelle Psarras $1500

Kings Room