Michael Doumani is our Monday shot clock winner. It was a case of old school vs young gun in the the heads up tonight as Michael Doumani battled Zac Vigar for the win. 

Zac fought back to even chips from a 2 to 1 early deficit. The chips eventually went in pre flop with Michael’s 89 vs Zac’s A7. It was over on the turn as Michael hit his gut shot 7 on a 56J flop. Michael takes home $1000 cash + accumulator ticket for his efforts.

Total entries : 22

1) Michael Doumani – $1000 + Accumulator Ticket
2) Zac Vigar – $500 + Accumulator Ticket
3) Jason Inman – $200 + Accumulator Ticket

Our Thursday and Friday weeklies will take a break for a couple of weeks as we prepare for the Kings Churchill’s Series. We return next Monday for the 2k guarantee from 630pm. 


Kings Room