We are thrilled to announce the partnership between The Kings Room and Brendon Rubie’s coaching brand The Australian Poker Mindset.

Here’s a little more of what Brendon thinks about our partnership;

I’ve known the guys at the ‘Kings Room’ for quite some time now and know they are just as dedicated as I am to providing the highest quality of poker experiences to our community. Both the Kings guys and I share similar values with regards to self-improvement, a healthy mindset and respectful attitude towards all aspects of poker itself. Through authenticity, transparency and integrity we also share special values towards all players, staff, dealers and fairness in this beautiful game we all have grown to love❤️

In future you can expect fantastic tournaments with juicy guarantees, live group coaching events, podcast episodes recorded in house, docuseries and many more innovative ways to bring you as much value as we possibly can 😀

Kings Premium Poker Room is already set up with a poker room that has a clean, attractive and relaxed ambience (with plenty of natural sunlight!☀️). They are already running great weekly games on Mon and Thurs with their exciting opening series coming up at the end of Nov. To get things moving THIS WEEK they have a $550 multi-flight warm up event with a $50k guarantee. 🙏

Stay tuned for all the upcoming action and content and be sure to tag anyone who will benefit from our upcoming events!